Friday, May 28, 2010

SEN10R Graduation Party!

"The Evolution of Mike". Reminiscent of a science fair project, this board I made showcased all of Mike's school year pictures. It had a funny game on it as well where guests were encouraged to participate in and then write in a journal provided. It created lots of laughs.

Some of the guests admiring the Graduate in his younger years.

SEN10R black wooden lettes with the numbers 1&0  for the i and o. I decoupaged photocopies of Mike's Senior portraits on them. It got lots of compliments.  

I had a local up and coming artist draw on this chalkboard the vision I had in my head for it. This was the coolest element of the party and I couldn't have done it without her!

The guest of honor has decided it should be a permanent piece of artwork in his room.

The edibles.

Since the party didn't start till 10 pm I decided the meal should be kept light and proportionate with mini burgers, mini bags of chips and popcorn and other light snacks.

Graduation Cake Pops.

Olive and tomato appetizer tree.

The guest of honor is nicknamed Wonder Mike so we had had some Wonder Mike approved popcorn available.

Soda Mikes.

I caught some bonding between Mike and his younger brother. The night was a huge success and we stayed up till almost 2 in the morning swimming, eating, laughing and taking goofy pictures. Hope you enjoyed it Mike. It was my pleasure!

Your Soiree Sweetheart

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Cool Camping Party"

For this little rascal's party I set up a fire pit not only to keep us warm in the dead of autumn but also...

...for none other than s'mores! You can't have a campout party without this staple food!
(Sorry for the pics in this post. My BFF camera was sick for this event so, I had to rely on my little point and shoot).

I had the dads set up a large 6 man tent outside and let the kids eat their hotdogs and chips in it as well as color their own camping-themed backpacks from Oriental Trading.

The cake was actually what I call an Extreme Makeover. It originally had army trucks and men on it. I found it on the clearance rack at the grocery store and knew that for $7, I could find a way to use it for this party! So, I stripped it of its original components and saved them to give to the birthday boy. I then made trees from iced ice cream cones turned upside down. I made a tent from graham cracker crumbs and a pretzel stick. The fire was yogurt covered raisins with pretzel logs. I stuck 6 (the age of the birthday boy) candles in down in the center of the fire to light later. The finished product was a one of a kind birthday cake for chic-cheap!

Here is the birthday cake lit up. After the cake was devoured and presents de-wrapped it was time to hit the trail mix bar. I gave each child a cellophane treat bag and a twist tie. I had bowls of different things set out (raisins, nuts, rice crackers, m&m candy, leftover pretzels, cereal, etc.) and let the kids design and create their own trail mix for their snack. They loved being able to pick their own personalized goodies!
Time to go home. They all stuffed their goodies (bouncy rock balls, wooden snakes, pop rocks, plastic compasses, mini magnifying glasses, etc. all from Oriental Trading) in the backpacks and hit the trail back home.

Thanks for a memorable night under the stars kiddos! Until next time!

                                                      Your Soiree Sweetheart

"Seashells by the Seashore"

I made these invitations using giant seashells found for $1 each at a craft store. I had some leftover sparkly carstock from some wedding invitations I made and printed up "Abby is throwing a 'Day at the Beach' party at her house. 'Shell' be so happy to 'sea' you!" Then, printed the date and time with an RSVP number. I then hotglued that to the shell, poured some sand in a clear plastic favor bag, slid the shell inside and tied it with twine and a charm. Simple and Chic!

The birthday cake: Made from a simple cake mix and chocolate seashell and starfish molds. The sand is crushed up graham crackers. I made the coral by simply piping white chocolate onto parchment paper in squiggly patterns and sprinkled it with edible pearl dust.  

I lined the table with a cream-colored plastic tablecloth and laid an irridescent wrapping paper ontop to give it that 'moving water' feel. The way the sun reflected off the table all morning was simply magical! I hung pearls and ribbon (1/2 off Easter crafts) from the chandelier to lend an Atlantis feel. I lined the table with the same pearls in blue. Each place setting got clear plastic plates and a mini tin bucket filled with sand to hold their drinks in.

The "silverware" was actually plastic and I wrapped it in a cream-colored napkin, tied it with seafoam green ribbon and hot-glued a starfish on top. Insta-chic on the cheap!

Again, you know how I love a food buffet...

This particular buffet for this themed party had goldfish crackers, swedish fish, keylime cookies, leftover chocolate shells from the cake, blue punch in a tall container set atop a cake stand filled with sand and shells. That was a hit!

More food included shrimp cocktail, saltwater taffy, sea salt caramels, and tuna salad-stuffed shell pasta with creamy alfredo sauce (my own recipe).

For the activity, I printed ocean clipart and gave them each their own set of pixie sticks and a mini elmer's glue bottle ($0.27 each!) and they made their own "sand" art for which they also painted paper mache frames.

(Again, I am using Martha Stewart products, but I do not endorse or promote her in any way.)  I found these favor boxes on sale at TJMaxx for next to nothing and filled them with goodies for the girls to take home.

Aren't they just perfect?!

Another successful Soiree!
                                                                                                                Your Soiree Sweetheart

"From Paris With Love"

Handmade Invitations

The centerpiece: crepe paper flower bouquets from Martha Stewart on a glass pedestal surrounding      
a vase of white feathers. So simple and so chic! Black and white polka dotted material lined with black and white damask paper plates and pink tableware make this tablescape pop. A silver condiment cup at each place setting holds fruit and dip.

I absolutely adore a stylish food buffet! It's so easy and it saves money by putting to good use one of the most important parts of any party -  THE FOOD! Use glass containers of all shapes, sizes and colors to add insta-chic to your next pary! 

Homemade lemon cake with sweet buttercream. The paper flowers were courtesy of Martha Stewart crafts. 
And don't forget the gifts! They can be part of the decor, as well. Just wrap them in coordinating colors and Voila! Insta-chicness!

"Pin the Poof on the Poodle", a new spin on "pin the tale on the donkey". I printed off a clipart picture of a pink poodle and bought pink pompons from the craft store. I added sticky dots to the backs of the poms and blindfolded the girls, spun them around 3x and let them have at it.

This little beauty hit the poof right on the dot!! The winner was awarded more Martha Stewart crafts. (For the record, I am not trying to promote MS. There was simply a sale on her items that I couldn't resist.)
                                                                                               Your Soiree Sweetheart