Sunday, May 23, 2010

"From Paris With Love"

Handmade Invitations

The centerpiece: crepe paper flower bouquets from Martha Stewart on a glass pedestal surrounding      
a vase of white feathers. So simple and so chic! Black and white polka dotted material lined with black and white damask paper plates and pink tableware make this tablescape pop. A silver condiment cup at each place setting holds fruit and dip.

I absolutely adore a stylish food buffet! It's so easy and it saves money by putting to good use one of the most important parts of any party -  THE FOOD! Use glass containers of all shapes, sizes and colors to add insta-chic to your next pary! 

Homemade lemon cake with sweet buttercream. The paper flowers were courtesy of Martha Stewart crafts. 
And don't forget the gifts! They can be part of the decor, as well. Just wrap them in coordinating colors and Voila! Insta-chicness!

"Pin the Poof on the Poodle", a new spin on "pin the tale on the donkey". I printed off a clipart picture of a pink poodle and bought pink pompons from the craft store. I added sticky dots to the backs of the poms and blindfolded the girls, spun them around 3x and let them have at it.

This little beauty hit the poof right on the dot!! The winner was awarded more Martha Stewart crafts. (For the record, I am not trying to promote MS. There was simply a sale on her items that I couldn't resist.)
                                                                                               Your Soiree Sweetheart

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  1. Where can I find the clipart of the pink poodle? I need it desperately in 1.5 days!


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