Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wonderland Adventure Party!

Welcome to Wonderland...where adventure and tea awaits!
Hurry! You're late!
(I made the banner letters and wanted it to be reminiscent of falling down the rabbit hole.)

Each place setting had a glorious cup of tea with a shortbread cookie, a bottle of "Drink Me" shrink potion, and "Eat Me" morsel for growing back to proper size, and a Mad Hatter hat box with a white chocolate covered fortune cookie inside.

The name place card and Mad Hatter Hat boxes. (Tutorial to follow in a later post).

What tea is complete without a shortbread cookie? I found these cats at Starbucks!

A piece of rose shaped pound cake with a candle for each guest to make their own Un-birthday wish!

Look who I found hiding in the teapot again!

The tablescape.

More fun decor. I opened the Annotated Alice book to a page where Alice was standing holding a birthday cake.

The Food Table. I love a Food Tablescape!

I kept the food sweet and simple. Things found in a box, for the most part or things I could easily throw together since the decor and costumes took most of my time.

Cucumber tea sandwiches.

Savory Stuffed Mushrooms.

Pastel mints, key lime cookie straws, smoothie flavored jelly beans...

...bunny cookies, chocolate covered shortbread cookies, caramel wafers, gummy mushrooms and gummy berries.

And look who was hanging around outside!

The Tea Party Guests in all their maddest attire.

The Hatter with his favorite guest, Alice.

Alice and Miss MADdie (lol, I couldn't resist).
Alice with Emily.

Alice with Morgan.

Alice with Lydia.

Alice and Mykala

Alice and Halee

"Off with her head, I say!"
At lunch the Hatter loses his thoughts on times of yesterday (when he was napping).

As the Hatter steals Lydia's food, the other guests are oblivious and indulge in sweets 
and more tea.

"Drink Me" potion chugging contest.

Pin the Smile on the Cheshire. Can you see where the winner placed her smile? Nearly perfect!

We're painting the roses red!

Hurry, or the Red Queen will have our heads!

The Hatter decided that nap is making a rerun from yesterday.

Time for cake and presents!

Make a wish my dear, and all your dreams come true!

The best part of a birthday party is the gifts, right?

The favor bags, filled with red heart shaped fans, heart shaped fruit-flavored candies, a lollipop and a colorful candy stick.


  1. Totally OUTSTANDING!!!! Love the details!

  2. Yes!! Really outstanding!!! For real, you did a fabulous job!!

  3. Saw this at All Things Related and I just love it. Wish I could throw a party like that for someone. So cool! Everything looks wonderful.

  4. Thanks for helping us have another great Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  5. Wow that is awesome! Happy NFF!

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  7. i realy love the pics... this is great inspiration for my party thankyou


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